10 Vegan Meals Meat-Eaters Will Love

If there is one thing I know about vegan food it’s how to cook it for carnivores. I should; I’ve been a vegan living with meat-eaters for years. After deciding I wasn’t going to cook different meals for each of us at night I got serious about creating vegan meals for meat-eaters. The goal? One plant-based meal each night that the whole family will eat. Challenge accepted. The following 10 recipes are some of my favourite tried and tested vegan recipes sure to please even the fussiest meat-eater.   Animal products don’t have the monopoly on flavour. Vegetables can pack a mouthful too especially if you treat them with a little love. I pulled together 10 of my favourite vegan meals meat-eaters will love but first..a few tips to creating plant-based dishes the carnivores will […]

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