Best Easy Fish Tacos

The good news is this: even if it’s not summer, even if you live far away from any sort of ocean, even if you don’t really know anything about cooking… you can make EXTREMELY GOOD fish tacos at home. Right here, right now, tonight. It’s on. We love, love, love this recipe. There is no55

What is Tempeh? (+ Best Tempeh Recipes!)

Have you tried tempeh? If you follow a plant-based diet or are interested in eating less meat, it’s a fantastic source of protein. Unlike tofu, tempeh has a meaty, firm texture and yummy nutty flavor. As a result, it’s incredibly versatile – I love layering into sandwiches, crumbling it up to mimic ground meat, tossing55

85 Best Vegan Recipes

Most days in our house, Jack and I eat vegan recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Of course, there are exceptions, but the food I most enjoy cooking and eating often happens to be plant-based. I love putting vegetables at the center my plate – not only is it good for my health and for55

Best Recipes of 2019

Happy (almost) New Year! Does anyone else feel like 2019 has flown by? To me, it seems like it was just yesterday that we were at the farmers market buying veggies to turn into pasta salad and zucchini bread. This year may have raced past us, but we certainly had good moments along the way.55

Best Recipes to Make Before the End of 2019

Fun fact: at the time this is written, there are almost 1,000 recipes on Pinch of Yum. ONE THOUSAND RECIPES. That’s enough for a different recipe every day for like…almost three years? Woah. Right now, life is a mix of busy busy busy but also whimsy and magical, and sometimes you just need someone to55

The Best Swedish Meatballs

This recipe is sponsored by LAND O‚ÄôLAKES, INC. All hail the tender, savory, creamy Swedish Meatball! I grew up eating a lot of Swedish meatballs, and I have to say – Swedish meatball recipes are varied and they all kind of have their own personality. But after testing several ingredient combinations and methods, this is the55