Frittata Recipe, plus 5 Variations

A frittata is my #1 favorite brunch item to make at home. It’s easy and versatile, so I thought with Easter coming up this weekend, you may like a frittata recipe idea… or five! I usually make my frittatas with whatever vegetables I have on hand, which means that I’ve tried a whole bunch of55

Free Bonus Recipe Bundle – Last Day!

Happy Monday, friends! I just wanted to pop in with one LAST reminder that tomorrow, April 9th, is the last day to get the FREE bonus recipe bundle that we’re giving away to everyone who gets (or has gotten) a copy of my new cookbook, Love & Lemons Every Day. These are yummy recipes that55

Bonus Downloadable Recipe Bundle!

The countdown to cookbook 2 continues! If you haven’t heard, my second cookbook, Love & Lemons Every Day, is coming out April 2nd. I’ve worked SO hard on this book over the past three years and I’m excited to share it with you very soon! To celebrate, it’s free gift time! Order the book from55

Game-changing Vegan Pot Pie Recipe

“Unbelievable vegan pot pies! These are seriously amazing and taste just like chicken pot pies…seriously a game changer.” Trish Bozeman from Rhubarbarians. At the risk of tooting my own horn, I am going to agree with Trish. These vegan chicken-style pot pies from my cookbook changed my dinner game. As I pulled these little guys from55

My Favourite Vegan Christmas Pudding Recipe

With plump medjool dates, golden sultanas, dried cranberries and pears and a goodly swig of brandy, my favourite vegan Christmas pudding recipe makes creating a show-stopping Christmas dessert so easy. Seriously, I am feeling like a festive Martha Stewart over here. OK, so I didn’t get this recipe up in time for Stir-up Sunday but55

Dairy-Free Cultured Sour Cream Recipe

Over the next few weeks I have posts planned that include sour cream. In my neck of the woods, dairy-free sour cream is hard to come by and when I can find it it is über expensive. So to prepare for my jacket potatoes stuffed with meat-free taco mince I am sharing my favourite dairy-free55